AirBnB Cleaning Service

Looking for a professional team to help keeping your investment clean and tidy? We can help you keep your business operating smoothly at the lowest of prices!

Your 5 star AirBnB can quickly become a 1 star. All it takes is one bad review regarding the cleaning of the property, and your hard working process might go to waste.

Furthermore, Empire Maid Cleaning Service provide top of the line deep cleaning service for your property. We adjust ourselves to your needs and requests. Furthermore, our professional team will reach your high standers and will follow any special request you have.

Moreover, by using our professional cleaning service you guarantee your property will always look clean, tidy and exactly what it’s worth.

AirBnB Cleaning

Our AirBnB Cleaning Service Includes:


Clean all surfaces, Remove all rubbish, changing the sheets of the beds, sweep and vacuum the floors, restocking essentials and more! Our team can answer any request you have!


All surfaces clean, stove tops and the kitchen sink. In addition, we’ll remove all rubbish and clear the fridge from leftovers. Also, our team will clean the microwave- inside and out, sweep the floors and mop it.


Clean and disinfect toilet, bathtubs/showers, the counters and the sink. In addition, we’ll change the towels and the essentials (soup, shampoo and more). Moreover, we’ll sweep and mop all the bathroom floor.

Commute Living Spaces:

Dust all table tops and furniture, clean and tidy all surfaces, remove rubbish and vacuum and mop the floors.

What to expect when choosing our AirBnB cleaning services?

First of all, as part of our cleaning routine we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the location prior to the cleaning process. Any problem our team will find will pass on to you with all the relevant details. Moreover, you’ll get a 100% Bond Back Guarantee on our work. We want to assure you are happy with our work!

In addition, our team can take care of any essential running low! For a few extra bucks you can relax by knowing your property is been taken care of to the fullest.

Furthermore, our team has years of experience in the cleaning department. They are all fully trained and highly motivated to keep your property clean to the highest of standers. They will make sure your property is spotless as a 5 star luxury hotel at the lowest of prices!

If you have any questions, or if you wish to use ore services, please Contact us!

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