Window Cleaning Services

Are your windows dirty and dusty to a level it makes you feel uncomfortable? Cant’ see your beautiful view from the window? Your property has lost its fresh and clean feeling? We have the solution for you!

Empire Maid Cleaning offers top of the line window cleaning service at the lowest of prices! Our professional cleaning team will clean your windows to the highest of standers.

Moreover, our team is equipped and fully prepared to come to your location and help restoring you property to its golden time.

The Window Cleaning Services we includes:

  • Full house Window cleans – Inside and out
  • High rise window cleaning
  • Commercial window – Buildings, outlets, shops, offices etc.
  • Educational facilities Window cleans
  • Apartment Blocks window clean
  • And much more!

As part of our cleaning services we’ll remover all dust and cobwebs from the window. In addition, all windows will be cleaned inside and out. Also, we will polish all PVC frames and sills.

Leave it to us our professional cleaning team to assure you’ll get the best cleaning results at the highest of standers.

Window Cleaning

How often should you get your windows clean?

You should know that a weekly based maintenance and cleaning of the window will help prolong their lifespan.

However, there are some factors to be taken into consideration when choosing on the frequently of cleaning the windows. For example, if your property’s windows is facing a busy road, you should get it cleaned once a week. On the other hand, if your property is located near the beach, once a month cleaning can be enough to assure no damage caused to your windows by the salt build up and the weather.

We, at Empire maid Cleaning service offers a wide variety of cleaning schedules to suit all of your needs and requests. Feel free to use our services at any time periods you see fit.

Moreover, if you’re not sure what is the best plan for you, contact us and our cleaning specialists will help you out.

Feel free to contact us for more questions or if you wish to use our services.

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