Oven Cleaning Service

Your kitchen fills up with smoke every time you use the oven? The food has a strange taste? That may be a result to lack of cleaning.

A kitchen oven is one of the most used appliance in a home. It’s also the hardest one to clean!

Did you know that an unclean oven can be the perfect place for life threating bacteria growth? If you don’t clean your oven at least once a week, you may be risking yours and your loved ones health.

Don’t worry – Our perofessional cleaning team can come to you at no time and provide you the best Oven Cleaning service there is!

Our Oven Cleaning Process:

  • safely remove and clean of the oven door .
  • Oven cleaner agents to remove grease.
  • We’ll preform a deep cleaning of the oven racks, trays, base and steel rack holders.
  • Complete detailing of the control knobs, door and side panels -prime areas where fat, oil and other leftovers have accumulated.
  • Also, we’ll disinfect and polish the area around the oven.


Oven Cleaning

Our cleaning staff will arrive to your location, they will inspect your oven to see if it’s working properly. Once that’s settled, they will ask you for any special requests and explain to you their cleaning routine.

First of all, we will disassemble all removable parts (oven door, racks and trays) and place them in a tank with hot water and special cleaning product. Then, we’ll start cleaning and sanitizing each part. Next, we’ll scrub thoroughly the inside of the oven. Any food residue, grease and carbon will be removed. Then, we’ll spray the whole oven interior with a degreaser including the celling of oven. In the end, we’ll wipe out every part of the oven inside and out and reassemble the oven.

Once the oven is clean, our team will check if the oven is fully operational and if it the cleaning to your sophistication.

It is highly recommended to clean you oven on a weekly basis. We know that it can be a bit challenging to find the perfect time for that task. That’s why we offer our Oven Cleaning services at best prices in the whole are! Trust us – You won’t be disappointed!

Contact us now if you anymore questions! We are here for you at all time!

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