Refrigerator Cleaning Service

Did you know that your fridge can be a home to cold resistant bacteria? As a result to different food stored inside of it, all kind of germs and bacteria can be build up. Other than the health risk it contains, it’s could also cause an unpleasant scent. That’s why, it’s highly recommended to clean the refrigerator on a regular basis.

Our company offers Refrigerator Cleaning service for any model of refrigerator in the market. Furthermore, we make sure to use only the best and safest cleaning products for your fridge.

We assure you, in the end of our work, you refrigerator will look good as new!

The Process Of Our Refrigerator Cleaning Service:

  • Removing shelves and soaking
  • Polishing inside walls and shelves
  • Wipe and polish Fridge seals
  • We’ll deodorize your fridge by sanitizing any remaining bacteria
  • Placing and assembling all washed shelves back to the fridge
  • Organize the food and supplies inside
  • Cleaning of freezer or chiller
  • Polishing Fridge exterior
Refrigerator Cleaning

Our service:

Our staff is fully trained to answer all of your cleaning needs. They will remove any food stains, unpleasant odors, and all dirt and dust from any corner inside, In addition, they will eliminate all mold and dangerous bacteria, and make sure to sanitize the entire fridge.

Moreover, our staff will ask you for any perforations and will gladly answer any question you might have. In addition, you get 100% guarantee on the service, and can add any special request to the job.

How Often Should I Use A Refrigerator Cleaning Service?

Our recommendation is at least once a week cleaning. It’s the best way to assure no bacteria and mold will grow in your fridge. However, we understand that it’s not the best option for all people. That’s why we offer daily, monthly and one time cleaning service as well.

Moreover, we can provide the service whenever it’s comfortable for you. Whether it’s in the early morning, or in the late afternoon, we make sure to be available when you need us.

Contact us now for more question or if you wish to use our service!

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