Carpet steam cleaning

There are many benefits for using a carpet steam cleaning. For one, it can restore your carpet to its glory days! This kind of technique specialize at getting back your old, rusty and fumbling carpet to s good as new state. Furthermore, it can remover almost any stains! Doesn’t matter what cause them and when, they can be removed!

Empire maid offers the most professional Carpet steam cleaning service! We work only with the most advanced and safe equipment for all carpet cleaning. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with some fabric protection techniques to keep your carpet at the best state possible as long as possible.

In addition, the carpet steam cleaning method is suitable for synthetic carpets made of polyester, nylon, olefin, and wool fibers. Don’t know if your carpet is suitable for steam cleaning? Call us – We can help!

Carpet steam cleaning

Our Cleaning Process: Step By Step

  • Our team will examine the condition of your carpet. (For example, what’s the type of the stains and their resistance). Than, they’ll decide what’s the best solution for your cleaning problem, and explain everything to you.
  • The team will start with the steam cleaning by vacuuming with an industrial vacuum cleaner, and remove all build up dust, dander and parts. Furthermore, high traffic areas will be pre-sprayed to loosen up the grimes and soil, and any stains and spillages will be pre-treated.
  • Once the carpet is ready, the cleaners will than begin with the steam cleaning method. They will clean every part of the carpet using top of the line equipment and will do their best to remove all stains. It will used evaporated water to deeply clean your carpet.
  • Than, our team will apply fabric protector in order to prevent any future stains and spillages from going deeper into the fabric. That way, future cleaning of the carpet will be easier and simpler. Also, our team can deodorize the carpet upon requests.
  • The final step is to let the carpet dry of. It usually takes 3-6 hours for it to fully dry.

Why choose carpet steam cleaning?

You might think that a regular thorough cleaning for your carpet is enough. You’ll be surprise by the amount of germs and bacteria that are hard to get rid of, building up in your rug. Furthermore, in some cases, even a deep cleaning won’t be enough.

Steam cleaning uses a different cleaning method that other carpet cleaning. By choosing this way of cleaning, you can be sure your carpet is as clean and bacteria free as possible.

In addition, our suggestion is getting your carpet steam clean 4-5 times a year. Of course it can verify, depends on the situation. For example, if you host more parties than usual, you should you carpet steam clean more often.

Empire maid cleaning service offers the best and most professional steam clean for your carpet. Our team only use top of the line equipment and products to assure the best results possible, and in the lowest of prices!

You can a quote about our cleaning service right here!

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